How strong can spiders be?

Just spotted this spider strand pulling over a new developing apex shoot, so destroyed his plan to bend over the tip and the apex shoot went back to verticle !!!

Anyone else noticed this in their gardens?


I try to NOT disturb spiders… see them constantly, all kinds.
The other day, I was working on a boxwood, trimming back new shoots. Run into a 1/4" black and gray crab type spider.
I moved to another part of the tree to not disturb him. He purposely RAN to end of the 6" long shoot. I watched intently as he grabbed a armfull of web from his abdominal spinneretts, THREW it into the air and held his forelimbs as HIGH snd wide as possible. I could not see where it went. Seconds later, he had lasooed the next tree over(4 feet distance), tied it off tight, and RAN the tightrope to the tree…


I never refuse wiring help.


Very interesting story.