I need help identifying this thing coming out of the pot

I have a larch growing in this pot. I have no idea what this white stuff is.

Help please :slight_smile:

sure it is growing out of the pot and not sticking to it? Spiders “nest”?


Sweden, spring… looks like goose down!

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I’m guessing spider sac too.

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Grab it with a pair of tweezers! Be ready to toss them if the mama spider goes full rambo…

Thank you all for the input! I got super ready and pulled it out. Turns out it was a feather or down of some kind :rofl: you were right KurtP!

I’m sorry all for taking your time but appreciate it! :smiley:

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Good! A rabid goose is WAY easier to deal with than a angry spider… Though, keep an eye over your sholder, geese tend to bite from the rear…:sweat_smile:

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and look the doors at night … might sneak in to pull some hair ;-

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and I probably better start barricading then…