Hood River Oregon Bonsai Art Show

Hey everyone,
Im looking to find some candidates that would be interested in showcasing some bonsai at an art show in Hood River. My girlfriend owns an art gallery here in Hood River, Oregon (where we live) and we thought about the idea of doing a bonsai show and how awesome it would be. I have quite a few bonsai in the developmental stage here in Mt. Hood but don’t know much about things like the length they can be indoors for a gallery display, lighting requirements, best season (spring?) etc. It would be cool to feature some bonsai that flower as well so thats why I’m imagining spring time. I would love to see what everyone thinks and maybe get some responses from people who have showed bonsai in the past and know about upkeep and all that while displaying indoor. Im sure there are some people down the road from us in Portland that may be interested in showcasing some of their work as well. Hopefully this could become a yearly thing and we can spread the love of bonsai to Hood River.

I’m sure if you reached out to The Bonsai Society of Portland you could get people who would be interested.

As for longevity indoors, I can’t really say. A couple of days maybe.

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