Help with this recently dug 12 y.o. JBP

I grew this JBP from seed beginning about 12 years ago. It has been in the ground most of that time and has grown a beautiful nebari. I have planned on formal upright styling. However, there are several challenges with the tree, now that it is out of the ground and beginning its life in a pot. Here are the defects I see (feel free to see others!):

  • There are plenty of branches to work with low and high, but there is a large straight 12 inch section of the tree with no side branches and no movement in the trunk.

  • The buttress from nebari to the trunk has excellent taper, but the rest of the trunk shows little taper.

  • Some of the side branches are out of balance-- too large and too straight compared to the trunk.

  • Needles are really pale.