JBP development

Hi, I have a JBP that I would like to improve, but currently not sure how to proceed.

Few issues I have with this tree;

  • The tree isn’t super strong and hasn’t got a huge amount of needle mass since I cut the post hardened needles back last year. It is showing signs of back budding on quite a few branches and most branch tips have 2-3 buds.
  • As its a JBP, I don’t think the needles are going to get that much smaller and wonder if the trunk needs to become thicker to be more proportional with the eventual needle size.

What I like about the tree;

  • Bark is aged, its quite an old tree.
  • There is a reasonably ok nebari under the soil which could be exposed.

Im not sure if I should;

  • start fertilising more and not prune for a while to improve the health of the tree.
  • potentially repot into a crate or maybe even in the ground to try and increase the trunk thickness and taper.
  • Potentially re style the tree completely to work with the not so thick trunk, maybe a more feminine design.

Any advice on how I can take this tree to the next level?

What’s the soil mix? How long has it been in it?

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1:1:1 mix of akadama, pumice and fuji grit. Was repotted about 2 years ago now :slight_smile:

The needle number on each tip looks like what I would expect on a more refined tree with more tips - like 5X more. As a result, I would fertilize heavily to promote strong growth and limit pruning to breaking the very strong candles in half. This will increase the strength of the tree which should lead to both more back budding and some trunk thickening. If you decide you need a much thicker trunk then moving it to a somewhat larger box with loosening of the outer roots would also be a good idea.

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