Help with European Larch

This past winter I bought a nice larch as raw material. I’ve let it develop all summer and now it has a lot of nice new growth.
I would like some advice on whether I should prune it now to the desired silhouette or if I should wait till early spring.
There is also a stump cut that had started to form a callous over but it has now stopped. I think that I should work that and try to make it heal over but when is the best time for this type of work on a larch? I will try to attach photos.

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Hello, I would do it in spring. Best, Max

Hold off on the prune. You can wire in early spring. and prune back to desired buds with the leaves off. Your design will give you a more accurate idea of what to prune and what to let grow.

Thank you! I will wait as you guys suggested.
I also assume that I should not touch the stump cur for now, correct?

The tree is adding girth right now so if you want to reshape the stump cur, now would be a good time.

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