Help needed to identify the species of this tree

I colected this tree in the spring when it had no leaves. It was about 12 feet tall at the time. I want sure what it was but I liked the nibari. It is growing strong and is about the only thing in my garden not showing any signs of fall color. I am in the Hudson Valley NY. I colected it on an old farm at the edge of an old cow pasture. I didn’t see any other examples of the species in the are. The new buds were quite red as they emerged and covered in hairs. I am at a loss any help would be appreciated.

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Looks like it could be Eastern Hophornbeam (Ostrya virginiana).

You may be rite. I had not even considered that. If it flowers next year I will know if you are correct. Thanks alot.

I don’t think so, the bids of Ostrya are more conical at th apex and scaled like a for shortened beech bud. Both the twig and the leaf are glaucous (hairy) and I would suggest starting your search with Corylus, I don’t think it can be an Ulmus as the leaf lobes are symmetrical where they meet thh petiole. I’m at a disadvantage as I’m European and assume this is an American species?

Thanks for the input. But if look a bit closer at the pictures I think you will find the twigs and leaves are both pubescent (hairy). But you’re rite not glaucous (blue).

Yes, quite stupid of me, sorry. I’m tired and distracted at the moment. Dyslexic brain tried to find the opposite of glabrous and came up with nonsense.