Help Identifying Insect or fungus on Hinoki

Hi all, this afternoon I was inspecting a hinoki Bonsai of mine and I noticed the following egg-like dots on one small branch.

I can’t tell if it’s maybe insect eggs? Or maybe it’s fungal spores?

So far no health issues have been noticed, everything is quite full and lush.

If anyone can tell me what these might be and how to treat that would be great. I didn’t want to just cut the foliage off without knowing, and I don’t know what to spray on it unless identified.

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They look like an egg sack. :-1:t2: :frowning:

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Yea could be.

General insecticide probably best to spray? Any other ideas on treatment?

Thanks for the help.

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Where do you live?
That’s oddly interesting… Not a clue here… Mostly in clusters, eggs?
Some are shaded and some are in full sun.
Too large to be fungal needle spore pods…?
Could be an abnormal cell growth…
I would be tempted to disect several with sharp scapal or suture needle, and a eye loop or magnifying glass…
Describe what the morphology outside and inside one is… Is it an egg, or attached plant growth… (Wipe everything down with alcohol when done, wear gloves and safety glasses…)
I suggest…Maybe poke or scrape / cut all of them off…, and / or paint with sulfide or pesticide… Or, wait for the POD people to hatch…:wink:
(Sigh) Bonsai On…


I live in Michigan, near Detroit. I highly doubt it’s cell growth.

I can try scraping some off and seeing if there’s anything to them. I already sprayed with an insecticide/fungicide combination product. If it’s insect related, I’m not particularly concerned because it’s easier to remedy than fungal infection.

I tried tapping the tree for spider mites and didn’t find any. They also appear a bit large to be spider mite related.

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They are definitely bug eggs, kinda look like shield bug eggs.

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