Heat exhaustion

My bricelcone pine is in full sun from 10 am to 5 pm ,water every other day, today was time to water the needles are brown at this point,stuck my finger 3 in down soil was still wet but super super hot i understand pines like a lot of sun but how do yall deal with extreme heat ,in side plastic pot was 90 how do i keep from over heating

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If you’re worried about the pot over heating simplest way is to move it to an area where it’s out of the direct sun during the hottest part of the day. Shade cloth is also a great option 30-50% will still give your tree the amount of sun light it needs. Could also try covering the pots with a towel or foil to deflect the heat, but that’s not always the nicest to look at. Here in Sacramento Ca where summer temps are usually high 90s low 100s I have my trees under a 50% shade cloth and have no issues.


My initial thought was putting foil around the pot as well, if you think overheating is an issue. You could use that foil tape that Peter Warren used on the maple stream. I think it was that stream. Just wrap the tape around the pot, wouldn’t be too messy. Can’t remember what the type of tape was but it’s something you should find at the hardware store.

Is there a place in your garden where the tree could start getting sun earlier? Even if the sun rises at around 7 for you, your tree might be able to go into some cool shade by 2 or 3, keeping out of the stronger afternoon sun.

Maybe misting the needles or the pot in the early afternoon can help keep the temperature down, too.

Im trying to develop a shade that will go over the pot only , the foil cooked the top of the tree, lost 4 trees in the last week had to put all under the car port

When i water at the wrong time the water in the pot boils the roots, not good ,i put 1/2 in size holes on the side of my plastic pots for beter airation.

I had the same issue and the only remedy for me was to go with only morning sun, or no direct sun. I get that a lot of sites say that plants love full sun, but a lot of these sites are talking about gardens, not potted plants, and most aren’t in very hot or dry areas.

If your tree is acting like it’s too hot, then give it more shade. If it’s too wet, then give it less water. At some point, the tree will be a better judge of it’s needs, regardless of what some website says.

My black pines needles are turning a dull green the temps are in the 90s i put them in the shade the old and new are turning a dull green i have plenty of drain holes and vent holes on the side ,do i need to put ice on the root ball im also building a new shaded oning any suggestions