Has Anyone Seen These Before?

Has anyone seen and/or used these little pods before for air layering? What a neat idea! It looks like it may only work on smaller stock but still.


Looks to me like it’s designed for cloning marijuana plants. It could be useful for air-layering juniper whips, but at $10 a pop, maybe more expensive than it is helpful.


I went back and read some of the reviews and questions and answers and stuff. They say it’ll fit diameters up to 3/4" and it’s supposed to be re-usable. I feel inspired to create something similar for bigger things lol.


I’ll preorder a dozen!


I’ve seen them but opted to make my own with plastic drink cups, both in 16 and 12 ounce sizes.

First cut the cup in half. Cut a semicircle on the bottom of each side to match the girth of branch you’re air layering. Use Gorilla or duct tape on one side to reassemble the cup. (I place a couple of pieces of tape perpendicular to the cut so they act as hinges.)

After you’ve prepped the branch for air layering, place the cup on the branch. Tape the other side of the cup. Add the moss.

Wrap the cup with plastic wrap. Use twist ties to secure the wrap to the branch above the top and bottom of the cup. Wrap it all with aluminum foil to keep the new roots in dark and reflect the heating rays of the sun.

You could use nursery pots instead of cups.

Good luck to anyone trying this. It’s worked for me 100% of the time.


That’s awesome! Thank you!

@Ace Sounds like this is sealed? So no additional watering until you check for roots?

Yes, it’s sealed. Check periodically to see if the moss looks like it’s drying out. I stick a glue syringe through the plastic wrap to inject any needed water into the moss. A squirt bottle of some sort would work too. I use a small piece of duct tape to seal the hole. I then put the foil back.

I’ve only had to add water a few times on my air layers. Your climate and the foliage mass of the air layer will affect the watering needed.

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