Apical nutrition cost

Hello all. I’m very interested in the Apical analysis and products that Ryan has been harping on. Does anyone with a hobbyist collection have an experience they can share about the cost and outcome? Also are smaller quantities of the product? It’s hard to for me to invest a bunch of money into a few trees. Thanks

As someone having a degree in horticulture and having a good understanding of plant physiology and growing things. For most of us this is not the limiting factor in developing trees. I won’t judge its value on high end trees that might have some issues that need correcting because I don’t know enough about it. As a beginner to intermediate most likely you are making mistakes in the way you manage your trees that is limiting. Going apical would then be a costly bandaid while you still have to fix the underlying limitation.

If you a high value tree wether emotional or $$$ and this tree is struggling the bandaid might easily be worth it.

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I can only speak from my own experiences and my own testing.
You can use Eden products without Apical testing.
The idea is to switch from a one and done type Fertilizer to a better organic product, from a company that is very aware of what the problems are.

You could get started with Eden products for as little as $30
But for $100 you could be 3-4 products that would replace a one and done type fertilizer.

You would still be running blind
No way to see what is actually happening inside your plants but you would see positive results happening in front of you.

Apical testing with a advanced test and a rec would cost $135
But they might have you buy $300 plus in products to apply that rec

I have been using Eden products without testing for over a year.
I just sent in my first two tests to Apical and it will be interesting to see what is going on inside my trees.

You can send a private email if you want more information about what products to use and what application rates I am using.

Because all my trees range in price from $20 to $300
I am wary about posting “ Do this” and have someone kill a valuable tree, either sentimentally or monetarily.

I am learning fast, trying a lot of things and I have had very positive results with only one hiccup.

If you are bold and adventurous I will gladly share what I am doing and you can decide if it works for you.

I have shared with anyone who asks.

I believe in Eden 100%, butI won’t post information that could send someone in the wrong direction because some trees cost a fortune
There are products that should not be applied in large amounts or without a Apical rec. or like me you might experience issues. ( All part of learning)

Instead if you want the info
Just shoot me a email and we can start up a conversation.

My best to you CP

gfysinvermont at gmail

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I have had a few Apical tests done to see what the recommendations might be. One of the recs was to let water sit in a container for 24 hrs to let chlorine off-gas and allow certain dissolved solids to settle out. I’ve been doing that and it was no cost to me besides investing in some 5 gallon buckets. I have about 60 trees but I’m retired, so except for the tedium, the time it takes doesn’t matter to me. Some days I am pressed for time and use the hose on everything except my more valuable (to me, at least) trees.

We have good water here, except for a high pH (around 7-8). I tried adding vinegar, but wasn’t very scientific about it, and some trees didn’t look that great, so I stopped. I never bought any Apical products, since one of the recommendations was to add aragonite and I didn’t want to deal with it, as I don’t have much storage space in my garage, so have gone the low tech method I mentioned above.

One thing I did change was to fertilize more aggressively. I used BioGold this spring and the trees seem to be better (huh, who knew?!).

I am planning on sending some JBP needles from a couple of different trees to Apical next week to see what is up with them, since they are yellowing a bit. Don’t know if you have done any testing, but it might be worth it to do your household water and one or two trees and see what the results are. You might try that, and go from there.

I have been using apical method on several of my trees. The initial investment of product was a few hundred USD, this would very a little bit depending on how many trees and how many different products you need. I find that most of the recs for my trees are fairly similar with one or two product differences. At the scale I am using the small small quantities that I ordered should last me at least a year. I think the larger investment is the recurring testing at $110 a tree. It does become burdensome to test more than just a couple. I have had a few of my trees that had significant nutrient imbalances that I saw immediate benefit from switching over to apical. The rest of the trees are a little bit nuanced but I would say I’m still seeing positive change in all trees so far. Knock on wood! Hopefully this helps!


I just got back my first two recs.
Apical recommended Ferticell fertilizers which are only available in 3.5 gallons and 2.5 gallons on the products suggested.
Just those 2 products would be over $300 with another $200 in Eden Products.

I will swap out the Ferticell for Eden ferts because I trust Eden and because they are available in quart sizes. But they are not an exact NPK match and I will have to alter other parts of the rec to find balance.

Certainly not the ideal situation.

Yes the ferticel products are pricey. I picked up the 10-0-0 since nearly all my recs require it. My last rec had 0-20-0 and I’m also looking for an alternative since it’s just the one tree for now. I think we need to tailor the apical approach to meet our needs and financial budgets:)

I don’t mind the price but it says on the bottle it is good for 2 years, how could I possibly use 3.5 gallons of fertilizer in 2 years?

How much do you use per gallon for your rec?
One TBSP/ gallon?

So I am more worried about it going to waste then the actual dollar amount.

It is probably good long after that but I would rather find a fresh source from a small bottle.

If you are looking for a phosphate fert 0-20-0 look at phos 23 or Bossphos ( same product different name) depending on the website.

My rec had 0-0-20 but that is a potassium fert and I have high potassium so it makes absolutely no sense to me.

I have a lot to learn.

I use ~5-8 tbsp of the 10-0-0 usually. Idk if I’ll get through all of it in the 2 yrs but I bet there’s some wiggle room haha. I’ll take a look at those, thanks for the tip. The thing I’ve learned so far is it’s all about the ratios not the levels, so maybe the balance with your phos is still not right?

That is almost a 1/2 cup of fertilizer per dose
So I think that would be close to being gone in two years.
How many gallons are you mixing at once?

Perhaps the application rate is higher then Eden ferts so in a way it is easier to justify the cost.

I am still waiting for a response from Mirai on my recs as far as application rates per gallon, etc.

Until then I will order the extra Eden items I don’t have and then make a decision on the Ferticell