Guideline for spraying

Most recommendations regarding spraying deals with when to start spray but not when to stop. This year, by not prophylactically spraying, I had a devastating fungal disease on my junipers. Phomopsis Blight? During the spraying process, I noticed that the affected junipers had no runners. After I began spraying, within one or two days, a few of the junipers began showing runners. I continued to spray each day and more and more of the trees showed runners. Finally, after a month of hysteria, all of the trees showed revival.

I have a hypothesis regarding this. We can’t stop spraying until we see lots of runners. At this point spraying everyday can stop. Daily observation will dictate future spraying. In general, subsequent spraying is every ten days.


Sorry I’m just replying to this. Fairly new on here. I agree with your method of keep a close eye on the tree for recovery. But I would also would recommend that you look at the label of each of your fungicides and insecticides. Fungicides in particular can end up build a resistance. Keep a couple of different fungicides on hand to rotate, make sure they are different classes of chemistry. I try not to spray the same fungicide more than 2 applications in a row. I work with pesticides on a daily basis with my job. Do your own pest control is a web site than offers most all products available to professionals.