Great denim apron

Hi folks!

If you’re in the market for a great denim apron, Gustin is currently doing a run of their Japanese selvedge aprons for $50:

I bought mine two years ago, and it’s cheerfully endured every single kitchen and bonsai thing I’ve thrown at it. It looks better than it did the day it arrived.

(If you don’t know about Gustin: they’re a direct-order company that sells primarily high-end menswear, most of which is made in the USA from start to finish – for example, until Cone Mills closed earlier this year, many of their denim pants were made from cotton grown, woven, and assembled in the USA. Some of it is pretty expensive, but the quality is extremely there.)

(Should you happen to buy $80 of stuff for whatever reason, I’ve got a $5 off link; it won’t help unless you’re ordering multiple aprons or other stuff, but just in case!:


Gustin has several of these in stock, with free shipping, for sale for $44 today. They’re likely to go fast. They’re genuinely amazing: hugely durable, and made entirely in the USA, from fabric to construction to finishing.

I’ve set myself to “watch” this post so I can see it before their all sold out next time… :pleading_face:

I’ll make sure to ping you next time I see it! They float by on “in stock” sale about twice a year. Fourth of July is usually a good bet.

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Here you go @Tim_in_Denver!

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