Collecting bald cypress today with my new toy

An ATV has been added to my basic Bald Cypress Tool Kit. Trudging through the swamp is too pedestrian for my taste. ( big cheesy grin beneath that helmet)


Those bald cypress don’t stand a chance! Looks like if you had a flame thrower you could take on anything!
Happy tree hunting @BillsBayou

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Nice shirt Bill.!:+1: I’d recognize those graphics anywhere. Got an XXL? Ha!

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Teespring has these in XXL and XXXL if you need it! I have a couple more design ideas for the MBS. One design is for the BSF convention in May that’ll likely get me in trouble with the great and powerful Mouse.

Hope we get to see the big cheesy tree!

I am in Lafayette, Louisiana and I noticed you are in New Orleans. I am looking for opportunities to meet with other Bonsai enthusiasts close to me. Do you know of any events in Louisiana I could attend?