Bald Cypress development

Thought I’d share my Bald Cypress which is finally developing into something. I had initially styled it as a flat top but the more I looked at it, the more it just looked like a giant “y”. I studied so many images of bald cypress, both in bonsai form and in the wild. I realized that they aren’t necessarily giant “y”s all the time, but more “Seattle space needle” in shape.

I went ahead and took a deep breaths and started over with this guy. It was tough, as this tree is one “nice ones” in my collection. I only share my best bonsai stuff on this forum cause, well, this is where the real bonsai people are :wink: I’m finally happy where this tree is heading



I like it. Are you planning to develop the apex as a pair of flat tops that are at different heights?

Yes. Here is a sketch of where I was heading.


I like it, particularly the 3 layer apex.

I can’t heart this enough. Looks amazing already.

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Was the bark removal part of the original design or did you decide to do that later and why? What was the bark removal process? Peel only or peel and brush? I am assuming that water was used. If brushes were used were they like a soft toothbrush, stiff toothbrush, brass brush?

Love the root buttress!

Hi charlie. I didn’t perform any bark removal or clean up on this tree.

Update on this tree in its winter silhouette. Just waiting for buds to pop.


Thanks. Beautiful tree.

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