Bald Cypress Bonsai Video: Reflections

In this video, I explore the ideas that I have for why bald cypress bonsai should look like mature bald cypress, and not follow the rounded and conical shapes of other trees. Mostly it’s an excuse to show off the drone footage I got along the Blind River in St. James Parish, Louisiana. There are some seriously beautiful trees back there. Be sure to check out the goofball after the credits.


I like the video. I am in the process of converting a fairly young (25 year old?) bald cypress from conventional triangle to a flat top. As nursery stock in a 2 gallon can, it flew as carry-on cross country in my suitcase - the clothes went into a hotel bag. It took 10 years to get the roots to flare and to build nice taper. After another 5-7 trying to create a conventional tree I saw the light and went with the conversion this spring.


Glad to hear it! Post some pictures as you go

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Wow… you really landed the ending! Keep on having fun Bill!
I love to watch your videos.



I’m not sure if anyone ever watches the post credits bits. Thanks for watching!

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I did watch the post-credit bit, but only because you mentioned it in the post. Well played, sir.