Goshiki koto hime repot question

Hi all,

During an ice/snow storm/deep freeze in Portland, OR recently, I brought some trees inside a cool area of my house for protection for a few days. An Acer goshiki koto hime (I think it is this, not a koto hime) started leafing out. This was roughly Jan. 14-19. I had planned to repot this later in the early spring. Should I still do this, skip it this year, or repot sooner? I don’t have a greenhouse, but I can keep it protected in a covered outside area after repotting.

A note about this tree: I’ve had it for several years, and it is always my first tree to leaf out. The earliest date in the past, however, was Feb 3 (twice).


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If it needs to be repotted then do it this year. It is only a couple of weeks ahead of schedule and the current forecast is for fairly mild temp.

Thank you for the advice—