Good horticulture books

I was wondering if anyone with a more formal horticultural background (coughRyancough) could suggest a good horticulture primer book, or several, that would help a beginner level bonsai practioner get up to speed on basic horiculture that is applicable to bonsai.


I suspect the suggestion around here would be to buy a Mirai Live subscription and start chewing up the archives. :wink:


Well, done and done! I’m really just looking to expand my basic horticulture knowledge to better understand when Ryan goes off on a deep-dive tangent about horticultural issues.

I am not well versed enough in horticultural knowledge, but I’ve been reading these two books to help up my horticultural game.

I think these are both more the readable science journalism type books than the hardcore college textbook type of books. I say that mostly because I feel like I’m understanding them (and would be totally lost with a real deal horticultural textbook).

These are not bonsai specific but quite interesting if you want to start digging more into the world of plants.

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Ryan mentioned a book or 2 in one of the streams … mentioned they were kind of dense and a bit of a slog … requiring lots of caffeine and what-not but that you would learn a ton if you made it through it

I’m trying to remember which stream it was perhaps @kendall can help

Botany for Gardeners is the one Ryan recommended on a Q&A recently

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Anyone read this book? Came out in 2011


Thank you, that’s exactly what I was looking for!