Going into summer- hot days

Does anyone have any tips for looking after trees this time of year (northern hemisphere) when trees are moving into periods of hot weather? I have found that until my trees have acclimatised to heat, i usually get a few casualties when it suddenly gets warmer in late spring. Primarily thinking about deciduous.


Morning sun, shade or dappled shade from noon until evening. Keep the heat of the day off the pot and root ball. Top dressing can help with reducing desiccating wind and heat. There are micro climates that the trees should thrive in. Find that happy place and protect from excess heat and wind.
Good luck, I have lost too many trees for the same reason.


We JUST put a short video on this topic in the library - https://live.bonsaimirai.com/library/video/heat-spell-protection

It’s a quick one but might have some tips for you :slight_smile:

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I know some people will put trees in smaller pots on the ground (as in the new video) but has anyone tried healing them into the ground or into other medium to increase the thermal mass around the roots?

I guess in most cases, we are trying to protect the foliage more than the roots in the summer, but it might be good in an area where the rootballs are overheating.

Thanks @Sam
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Thanks @Bonsai_bob
I really like the idea of top dressing and see its benefits, but I have a family of black birds that like nothing better than pulling moss off my pots. I’m working on a top dressing that the birds will leave alone.
Thanks @nmhansen
I think I will try the ground and pack paving bricks around.

Not sure paver bricks would protect from heat…
Short livestream arrives just in time!
thank you @Sam

Thanks @Bonsai_bob
Was thinking of building a wall out of them- but that never works!