103 degrees F too darn hot for my cedar

Now, I know that there are places today that are even warmer than where I am in the SF Bay region, so I know it’s even more stressful for your plants, and I commiserate.

In anticipation of this weekend’s heat wave, I had moved all my bonsai under awnings and into the shade under larger trees. A little deodar cedar which I had repotted into a shallower container last winter seems to have taken a hit today and gotten too much sun/heat. A lot of the needles look blanched and are falling off the tree. I hope that once it gets cooler in the fall and winter, it can regenerate new growth.

Thankfully, right now everything else seems to be okay, including a couple of larger cedars that are still in nursery pots and grow boxes. Maybe the lesson is to not go too shallow so there is more soil mass to stay moist and protect against hot weather, since the climate as a whole is only getting hotter.

Any suggestions on caring for the cedar post-trauma?

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