General guidelines for container selection?

Is there a video or other resource that provides general guidelines on container selection? I’ve seen plenty of examples with specific trees, but was hoping that there are some design principles that have been laid out in a helpful way.

Sorry if this is a duplication of a previous thread, but searches didn’t turn up much.



Hey Brad! We are currently in production on a piece that will answer all your questions on this. It will be very similar to our Design Fundamentals stream, but focused on ceramics. Stay tuned, we expect it to be released around the end of February. :slight_smile:


I think Ryan has mentioned he wants to do a stream on container selection at some point, and all the different nuances. Tidbits of information are scattered all over the streams, especially the repotting ones where he usually has multiple containers on hand.

I’d love to see it.

EDIT: And @sam swoops in while I’m writing up my post :laughing:
Super excited for this video.


Wow, make a request and in a couple hours it’s already in production. Amazing turnaround!

Thanks @Sam!


Some good articles:

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