Freshly collected trees

So, two days ago i have digged up two beech trees. I know, they aren’t great, but i need something so i can learn. I also know that it will take couple of years before these trees can become something more…
I left some of the original soil on the roots, especially around smaller roots and then i have planted the trees in to the pumice.

I planned to trunk chop one and leave the other one with the main trunk for this year (wanted to compare the results), but i’ve got overly excited and i trunk chopped both of them.

I would like to know if i need to seal the wounds and if there is any reason that i would put my trees in greenhouse (polyvinyl), currently home for tomatoes. Also, i am not quite sure how is it with fertilising?

Thanks for all the answers!


Hi @MarkoB
Cut paste won’t hurt but it looks like you have left a big stub, so maybe you could get away without. Protect from frost, but apart from that leave them out. Beech are about the last tree to leaf out, so be patient. Your goal this year is to establish roots. I would hold off organic fertiliser until leaves have hardened to give new roots a chance to develop. Others may disagree?


Yep like @AndyK said. Cut paste the cut ends and protect from freeze. Other than that give plenty of sun. It will promote new buds to form on the trunks. Let it grow freely this growing season and you can prune back and branch select in a year. The top picture will make a nice tree I think.

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