Flowering Japanese apricot question

New tree from last fall…question — This was in mulch in unattached/unheated garage over winter. Tree put out all sorts of green “saplings”. Silly question maybe, but how do I handle these? Are they taking too much energy from trunk grow? Any feedback appreciated…btw, in bucket for transport only.

More foliage = more energy production.
If you want the trunk to thicken you will need all those new branches to produce foliage, which will provide energy for fall vascular production.

What are the temperatures like in your area? Looks like it could use light and warmth to start producing foliage. My apricots are all leafed out here in the PNW.

Cheers, good luck!

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Hey thanks. Chicago area. Temps up/down. mid-20’s last night. Low-50’s during day. Freeze again tonight but 70’s next week. :grinning:

You might have to do the bonsai shuffle. Take it out when it’s 45+, bring it in when it drops below. :stuck_out_tongue: