Prunus cerasifera

Hey to all.
I got this question.
Is my Prunus cerasifera (Cherry Plum) ‘coming alive’ ???
Is this a problem or is this normal.
We have now a few days +10°c here in Belgium.
Sure within one week the temperature wil drop down.
Can this be a problem or is theis behavior normal for this time of the year ?
Thanks for your time.

Wonderfull 2022 for all.

Ps : last picture is few months ago
269238947_1271567966664645_7119382205336950412_n - kopie
267146608_662502808100995_2948666954763727797_n - kopie
267814823_639971213882100_7376171288851669176_n - kopie
268535542_439779464449553_9123055467115682994_n - kopie

Yup, trying to bud out way early… 3 months…
Keep it cool, below 10C. Out of direct sun. Keep protected from freezing the rest of the winter…
Or, take it inside the rest of the winter, with light and water… and enjoy…
AWSUM tree…
It was about -20C (-4F) here last night… Bonsai On!