Fire ants problem

I just acquired a 7 ft bluepoint juniper

,15 gal nursery pot ,it was spireled shape at one time and was neglected. I got it for 55.oo it was 250.oo great deal,BUT. It has fire ants in it from top to bottom how do i get rid of them with out killing the tree.

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Came up with a way of eradicating the ants heres a upload for some put the root ball in fresh water then you have that bucket in a bigger tank the second tank you put your poison the flooded water flows into the second pot with poison water you drive the ants out and save the roots from poison water and ants only two things the ants go upthe trunk you have to rid those ant the drain the water from the root ball but how long will the process take will find out keeping updated

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Update on the bluepoint juniper. Ant are gone.

flooding treatment worked. Takes 4 get a big container, you put 4 in of water. Then you take the smaller bucket fill with fresh water put in bigger container.then put infected root ballin the fresh water. The 4in of was ater has poison. Ants are on the move they don’t like water. They fall in the poison water.the other half move up the trunk the you spraythe trunk down after 20 minutes, scim the ants off the top pull the root ball out and let it drain for 30minutes then put in fresh soil mixture

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Well that was an intense thread.

Good work, but also it’s like watching a how-to guide for exorcising literal actual demons.

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Can you ask Ryan if this is a good or bad method

You can tag him, @ryan

I was gonna say, maybe just stick your bare hand in there and shake the branches around til they decide to leave :joy:

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Tried taging but no response maybe to busy

They must be realy busy over there. Sec day checked the bluepoint juniper no ants anywhere

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A mike i tried tagging n emailing Ryan, colton, n kendall no response they mus be really busy or do i need to call the num on the website .

Hmm, I dunno, do they have a customer service line? :joy:. I’m sure he’s just really busy with the national show looming, etc. I bet he’ll chime in when he has a minute.

I talked with colton n kendall and i got some questions answered today it was abig help thanks. Talk with you later.