Ant pile on my yamadori

I came out to check on the trees this morning and found a pretty big ant pile around my live oak that I collected late this summer. Is this a cause for concern and if so, how would you all go about getting rid of them? The tree is still fresh from collection and pretty weak so I’m pretty sure any chemical that would get rid of ants would also harm or kill the tree. It’s hopefully not that bad of a problem but wanted to get some opinions. Thanks!

Amdro will kill the ants and not harm the tree. Treat the ground area nearby as well, as they are most likely there and are under or near the tree in the yard. It will take about 10 days for the colony to totally die. Check the tree for aphids if you find ants running up into the canopy.


Also you should check for root aphids the next time you repot.


Thanks, I’ll pick some up! They seem to be staying in the soil but I’ll be keeping an eye out.

Will do! Although it’ll probably be a while before I repot

All that soil round the base of the trunk has been removed from under the surface creating open spaces for the ant colony to expand. The holes made by the ants will kill the roots.

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