Ants in roots/pot of alligator juniper

the tree looks healthy but there is a crazy infestation of ants … someone mentioned mancozeb - i read the directions but it says to spray the leaves … is it safe to water the roots with it?

any thoughts/solutions?

Mancozeb is a dithiocarbamate fungacide… probably wont kill ants well. Check label?
I would set out ant bait traps. They haul the poison back to nests and kill it. Leaves the good bugs alive.
Are they working on aphids on the trees? Those are a bigger problem. :zipper_mouth_face:

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I had this issue too ant traps didn’t work, I discovered scale on the plant, I sprayed with a mix of water soap alcohol and oil. Both problems solved. -this was on a pine.

I’ve had a bunch of ants living in several of my plants for a couple years now. It hasn’t seemed to hurt them.

agh … malaTHION