Exposed root art exhibition?

Howdy guys,

Anybody see this on face? Redirecting...

Any idea how real it is and if real, how can a white pine survive this way? I know on several conifer re-pots Ryan isn’t worried about the tree loosing moisture at all but this seems like a bit much?

In any case, it is beautiful to look at…

The image shows that its been photoshopped but nonetheless still something to think about. You would need an aeroponics misting system for something like this to ever exist and I’m not sure if that’s possible given that pines need to be overwintered (or do they? There has to be a workaround even if not discovered yet) but it would definitely be possible with an aeroponics set up with a tropical species.

How can you tell it’s been manipulated in an layer/mask editor? Yes, you’d need a good system to keep the tree hydrated and I still assume this would be temporary during the growing season. Yes all pines need dormancy so I don’t see how this would work long term.
I definitely see it as a possibility with a tropical species.