Air layer on a pine without lower branch!

Another video from California - after seeing them use miracle gro soil at a demonstration in the Huntington, now from Kofu Bonsai Kai, an air layer on a pine (I believe a Japanese black pine) without having any branch below the air layer to continue to supply the roots with sap. It is a bit hard at times to understand what the gentleman leading the demonstration is saying but I am surprised. What are your thoughts @ryan?

The link is:


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The link has expired so we have no idea what your post was about. :frowning:

weird. :frowning: maybe it works new.

The link works now. I’m shocked at what he did to that nice Pine. I’d have to see the survivor a year from now to believe that would work. Of course they are in Los Angeles, so they have a much longer growing season that we do here in Canada. I doubt you could make that work here (if it actually works there).

If it was particularly vigorous, then maybe. But otherwise that seems very unwise from everything I’ve seen/read on air layering conifers.