Experimenting with Hispaniola Pine

I am not sure if this is the right forum. First a short introduction as I have never participated in the forum. I am from the Dominican Republic. I have been into Bonsai my entire life on and off but never consistently and so I have many trees that I have basically been keeping alive and they are at different levels of development, but haven’t ever reached fine ramification or higher level with any of them. I am hoping to finally be able to progress passed the beginner level with my trees.
I live in the DR at 4000 ft above sea level surrounded by Hispaniola pine forests. Practically all bonsai in the DR is done with broadleaf evergreen tropical species but I have always wanted to try and use our endemic pine, Pinus occidentallis for bonsai. There is, unfortunately, very little horticultural information on Hispaniola pine and no info or knowledge that I am aware of on its use for Bonsai. I have been listening and taking notes on all the pine info on Mirai and also watching some of Terry Erasmus’ videos on growing pines from seed but really I have no idea. I don’t know what type of pine it is, single or multi flush, long or short… nothing. Chatgpt says it’s a single flush long needle pine, so I have been thinking of maybe trying to treat them like Ponderosas…. anyway… I decided to get some seedlings and try to start training them and see what I can learn. So I got about forty small seedlings in plugs and twenty that are a little older in small bags. I hand picked the ones with more ramification. I have no experience with Pines so this is truly en experiment. any comments, suggestions, ideas, help is most welcome. Thanks
Here are some images: