Dwarf Black Olive - Design and Pruning Advice

I picked up this Dwarf Black Olive over the winter. I am in the Northeast in Pennsylvania, which means I need to consider protection over winter. This tree was slip potted into the current container and wired in early spring. It has recovered nicely but I am unsure of where to go. The structure is near perfect but the silhouette is a little crowded and it is growing outward too much. Don’t know how or when to prune this. It is a slow growing species so I am hesitant to prune ANYTHING until I know what I’m doing. Thanks!

Would this be Bucida buceras which is related the Bucida spinosa? I looked on the Internet Bonsai Club forum since I remember seeing some posts on this, but none were very useful for growing it other than to treat it like a tropical or perhaps a subtropical.

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Yes it is a Bucida Spinosa. I’m in the same boat with knowledge. Everywhere online seems to have little detail even though it is very suitable for Bonsai.