Pros/Cons Dwarf

I am interested in purchasing an Olea europaea. I’m finding some in dwarf form and others not. Is there a reason to prefer one over te other? Or, better said, what are the advantages and disadvantages of using the dwarf form for bonsai? I would assume these would be the same across species. I wanted to educate myself before making a final decision but couldn’t really find anything. That may mean it doesn’t matter at all or that no one would think of buying one version for a bonsai.

By dwarf form you mean the smaller leaves? Here is Israel they are called ‘Wild Olives’ and basically don’t produce fruit and also grow a lot slower. They make great yamadori if you can find them. But as a dwarf species they do thicken up slower. I’ve seen the dwarf grafted onto a Olive base and it was great.