Does anyone have black locust in bonsai culture

id be interesting in any insights people have with Robinia pseudoacacia

I have a few black locust. They grow on my property.
I have three in development in grow bags. A few I have left in the ground to develop which in time I will air layer them at the base of the tree.
One of the three i have in grow bags I air layered with great success.


i collected a few from work that all were new shoots off of roots so not a lot of roots but the biggest one is maybe 2 in thick so we will see how it goes. i grew up with this species on out property and they are if nothing ells very tuff to kill .

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True, very hard to kill.
The root structure of these species is immense, wide and deep!
I have dug mature trees out of my neighbors yard with an excavator

I submitted one of my 2 black locust trees that I collected last spring in Forum Q&A 157

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id love to see a photo if you have any