Diseased Black Pine candles/shoots?

Has anyone seen this before in their JBP shoots? The bases of all the emerging new needle bundles are dark colored/black. I don’t recall ever seeing this before. Disease of some kind?

Just checking in - no takers on this? The bases of needle bundles are typically greenish to light brown/tan. I don’t want to be alarmist, but this looks very odd to me.

If the needle and the candle aren’t discolored, I don’t think I’d be concerned by this. Looks like the sheath/fascicle are where the coloration is.

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I agree with Bwaynef - appears to be the coloration of the sheath as it peels back and dries. Does it look like this all over the tree or just apical areas?
the sheath/fascicle areas look clean and clear…

Most prominent in apical areas, but needles look healthy. Just haven’t seen it take on this appearance before. Guess I’ll stop worrying about it