White tipped needles emerging from Mugo Pine Candles

Anyone have any thoughts on the white top mugo pine candle tips in these photos (and possible deformation/twisting of some of the emerging needles?) Is it Normal? (I don’t think so based on another mugo I have). I’ve struggled to find any info in my research. I am worried its Diplodia tip blight as I’m pretty sure there is some in pines in our community and this pine did drop a branch tip or two last fall that looked like how I see Diplodia playing out in the literature. I can’t find any info on whether Diplodia would be ‘visible’ like this at this time of year. I’m not seeing any pests on first glance or up close inspection of one of the emerging needles I removed. Obviously, I’m trying for that balance of water and oxygen. Was not repotted this year. I’ll check when I get home, but I do think it is irregular and not on all the candles.

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Could it be that the needles at the tips are still covered by the sheath?


@MartyWeiser is correct. The upper needles have not elongated enough to open the sheath.
Very normal, give them a couple days :+1:t2:


Haha! Thank you both! That seems obvious now :slight_smile:

This is what happens now that I finally pay attention to small nuances in plant growth (thanks mostly to inspiration from the Mirai pest and disease streams). And now more learning thanks to the forum.