Difference between standard and pro membership on mirai app

Can anyone here summarize for me what standard membership folks DO NOT get with the mirai app compared to pro members. I understand that standard members only get to add 10 trees to the “my trees” feature, but what else is limited? Courses/Mirai Academy? other aspects?
Leah sent me a link to mirai live pricing, but every time I try it, it just sends me to the general mirai live page, and I can’t determine how to get to the pricing page that would presumably explain it. Just looking for a two sentence summary type of thing.
Thanks in advance.

Differences between standard and pro are explained in this post. The differences are shown in two categories: The Mirai Live category is what you get when interacting with the website, the Mirai Mobile Access category seems to be what you are looking for.

Hi there, to answer your standard vs. pro benefit questions please review the following:

  1. Limited Tree Tracking: Standard members can only add and track up to 10 trees in the “My Trees” section, while pro members can track up to 50 trees.
  2. Limited Tree Storage: Standard members can add and track up to 15 trees in the “My Trees” section, whereas pro members can add and track up to 50 trees.
  3. Limited Access to Academy Courses: Standard members have limited access to Academy Courses, while pro members enjoy full access.
  4. Delayed Feature Access: Pro members receive first access to new feature launches, while standard members may receive them later.

As a heads up, we are still rolling out content and new features regularly, as of right now the biggest pro benefit is the additional tree storage, however the more we continue to add content the pro benefits for calendars, courses, and first access will continue to build.

Here is the link again for our pricing guide and can be found through the Mirai Live website anytime: https://live.bonsaimirai.com/pricing

Let me know if you have any additional questions!