Deutzia bonsai? Possible?

I found this Deutzia in my local nursery and couldn’t leave without buying it. :sweat_smile:
Look at the flowers and the bark. So pretty.
Now I wonder if this could be made into a bonsai?
What do you guys think?
If yes, any style suggestions?

If no, I will just plant it as is in my parents garden. Yay


Everything is in Google:


Question: can {species} be cultivated as a bonsai?

Answer: yes.

A Better Question: how easy is {species} to cultivate as a bonsai in my climate? Will I have to update my mental model of “this is how bonsai look?”

Answer: depends on the tree! I have no idea about Deutzia. Looks like you aren’t the first person to think about it, though.


Hey bill. Thanks for the link. Interestingly I had a very feminine idea auf the tree I have. Very tall, small trunk.
The ones I find as Bonsais are all small masculine and big trunk.
Very different approach for the tree that I had in mind :thinking:

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That’s a good question. I heard Ryan say that every tree can be made into a bonsai, but the certain characteristics we strive for are better found in some than in others.
I guess that was my real question. Would it make sense to go with a Deutzia for a bonsai yo archieved the certain characteristics I want. For example the tall slender feminine look and a nice interesting bark.

I will have a go with it I guess :slight_smile:

one of the main issues is to reduce the needle/leaf size to achieve a coherent design. This is much (or much much )harder with some than with other.

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Oh yah. Very true. Didn’t think about that one.