Crazy ramification - mature beeches

Yes, not bonsai, but I drove by this house today and had to double back to take a picture. Say what you want about the aesthetics, but you have to admire the unwavering commitment, vision (and budget) it took (over many years) to achieve this …


Impressive, where was this, if I may ask?

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The house is in Toronto’s tony Bridlepath neighbourhood, always one of the most expensive locations in Canada.

You can see the French 18th century influence, very formal, but when executed right, most beautiful. I would hope the rest of the garden had a very formal layout with topiary boardered and symmetrical beds. Not my taste except in the right setting, but nevertheless impressive, as I say.

Never seen anything like it! I wonder how they go about doing this (equipment / machinery etc.) to get it so “perfect”. Thanks for sharing.

The hedge pruning technique

Updating this to show the trees as the seasons have advanced. Still blows me away.


Thanks for showing them through the seasons!