Covered Wagonites

Anyone else get a tree from the covered wagon? Post it here and share!

Got this amazing Shinpaku; not gonna lie I feel some serious pressure to rise to the challenge and design/grow/understand!!!

The nice thing about getting a Mirai tree is that it looks even better in real life than in the photo.

Extremely excited to have this in my garden.


Tell us a little about this tree, as to where it will reside and your plan of maintaining this tree in the future.

At his point the plan is to nurse it through its transition from Pacific NW to Houston; I have it in morning sun and afternoon shade and am hand-watering it. I will apply a light fertilization once it shows evidence of new growth.

This tree is in refinement in my opinion, so that will be the learning process; I’ve specifically avoided buying ‘finished’ trees until this point bc I felt it was ‘cheating’ but I’ve learned that there is much to learn about refinement and ‘maintenance’ so that is the goal. Im not planning any major stylistic changes until it outgrows it’s current state and requires it. I’m also satisfied w the container and not planning any changes there unless it shows it needs to be re-potted.


Here’s my ponderosa from the Mirai web sale. Huge thanks to @ryan for bring it down to California. Tree is amazing and even more impressive in person!

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That is a phenomenal tree - congrats!!

How do you plan to take care of it’s winter dormancy requirements? I’ve avoided Pondo (I’m in houston) bc I’m afraid my winters aren’t cold enough or long enough for it.

Let me know I’d love to get one! Would open up an awesome world of American yamadori for my garden…

Thanks @DrC!! I’ve been looking for the right ponderosa for a while.

As far as winter goes where I’m at in California (foothills between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe) it’ll be just fine. I’m not entirely sure if Houston gets cold enough to fulfill the dormancy requirements.