Control growth for escallonia species tree

My first post - 1st bonsai mirai live has just open the bonsai club iv been looking for. Thank u all.

Learnt alot in last couple of days from you all and Ryans way of teaching. Awesome. Why does a tree grow - sustain and add. Back into energy positive. If in doubt. Leave it. Brilliant. Now joined the new bonsai world.

Can i ask how look after the escallonia species. My biggest mistake (which will stop now) is im too keen to cut off new growth off. How can i control grow the attached tree im about to purchase. Any starters will be greatly received 20190629_131750|469x499


I’ve got a escallonia that I am trying to develop into a bonsai and two large landscape ones growing in my garden. They can make great bonsai, looking on the web both Tony Tickle and Bonsai Eejit have got some awesome ones. But there is very little out their in the way of species guides. However the great thing about the way Ryan teaches is the common horticulture base and thinking Bonsai/ Tree.

What I’ve learnt so far about this tree:

It’s hardy, the one I bought was frozen to the bench at the nursery and the entire rootball was frozen hard,
I repotted in in late winter with a significant root ball reduction to get it into a smaller container and did a hard prune at the same time. It sulked for a month and then started to recover well.
Even though it’s evergreen don’t worry if it loses a lot of it’s leaves over winter, it’s normal
Mines doing fine in a soil mix of 80% diatomaceous earth (cat litter) 20% pine bark
Normally you should hard prune after flowering in summer
Get movement wired in on soft young growth as the branches can become very brittle
It seems to backbud on relatively old wood.

You’re tree is looking good with movement being wired in. I think it probably just needs to grow and thicken. I think I would look at fertilising fairly heavily according to Ryan’s recommendations in the fertiliser video.

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Hi @Twisted, thanks for taking the time to to write such detailed reply. I will pull a fair bit of information from ur reply. Ryan and the whole mirai on line is awesome, anit it. My knowledge has grown a fair bit in my first week of joining. Its such a library to pull from… cant praise everything enough. Chat soon mate. :trophy::grin:

Well, I have decide this is being collected in the Spring. It’s a escallonia “red dream”. I just haven’t quite figured out how I am going to explain the hole in the hedge to my wife, but I have a few months to figure that out!

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