Conifer Identification (a medley of trees)

Recently collected a variety of conifers from a going out of business nursery for a song. But, to the tune of “Ain’t got no Identification tabs” which is a hard song to follow. I think I know one or two of the following but might need help with narrowing it down.
This is my very first post, so please be gentle.

Lodgepole Pint (I think)

REDWOOD (big one had a tag so I know that one) (Little one??)


I have a few more

JUNIPER (I think these are just two different kinds of juni)

UNKNOWN (close up of foliage)

BLACK ?? SPRUCE (maybe? close up of foliage included)

Hello, and welcome to the forum! I’ll try to help where I can.

#1. Clearly a pine, possible Scots (Pinus sylvestris). How many needles per bundle?
#2, #3: Look like junipers to me, but might be some related members of the Cypress family.
#4. Sorry, no idea.
#5, #6. Again, junipers. I can’t identify them further, since I don’t work with junis (I’m allergic.)
#7 Looks like another pine. Again, needle count per bundle?
#8. Maybe a fir?
#9. Hemlock of some kind, I believe.

Hope this helps a little!

Treebeard Steve

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#8 is a cedar probably a deodar cedar, cedrus deodara, than a cedrus libani or atlantica.

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If I had to make an educated guess
#2 Giant Sequoia
#3 juniper or maybe hemlock
#4 Chinese juniper (Pfizer)
#5 juniper (Squamata maybe)
#6 cedar (deodar probably from the color)

Again, just my educated guesses. I’m not sure about the pine or fir/spruce ones


First pine might be a red (Pinus resinosa) Based on the growth habit 2 or 3 needles per bundle (but hard to tell in the 2d limitation)
2 I couldnt narrow it down
3 "bushy/dense) juniper looks like a blue rug juniper (wiltoni)
4 Lodgepole pine

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I can only be sure of a few but I’ll put all my thoughts down for the pictures:
1 and 2 are of a three needle pine. Lodgepole and Scotts are two needle, so I recommend looking up three needle variants and comparing.
3 and 4 look identical to my Giant Sequoia’s foliage. Although, the tall one in 4 is harder to see foliage on.
5 seems very different than the conifers I’ve seen up until now. My best guess is a type of juniper.
6 could be any number of prostrate/crawling growth habit junipers with scale-type foliage.
7 is almost certainly a blue star juniper.
8/9 seem to be a lodgepole pine
10/11 are a spruce but I could not see the distinct hairs that black spruce have on the twigs. So which spruce it actually is, I’m not sure.
I hope this identification by committee helps! :slight_smile:

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Ponderosa’s are 3 needle pines and #5 is a spruce but I would need a cone to have a better guess

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Not sure what pine it is
Photo #398296389 Looks like a Cryptomeria along with photo # 398357414
#39828493 is a juniper not sure subspecies
#398289028 Most likely Juniper squamata
#3398310325 Cedrus of some type, looks close to a deodara
#398442969 Dwarf Spruce, could be a black a white. White spruce are more common for nurseries to have in stock

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