Confused on Shohin Size

I just got around to watching the display fundamentals stream. And I am confused on the Kokufu sizes he lists. For shohin, he says 2-6”. But in all Ryan’s shohin streams, the shohin are larger than that. And in the winning shohin displays at kokufu 2020, they are also all taller than 6”. So what am I missing?

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I think shohin can be up to 8” from the lip of the pot. In some organizations it can be up to 10”.

But as Ryan has also said, no one is out there with a ruler and if a prominent person calls it a shohin, it is a shohin.


The size for shohin here is up to 20cm from the rim of the pot. Up to 6cm is mame. That is what we use.

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And what about the other two categories?