Comprehensive Larch Series

With the latest stream @Ryan closed the loop on Larch. These trees are one of my favorite even though I’ve hardly worked with them. They’re just beautiful to me. The following are presented in chronological order in terms of when the work should be done.

Larch spring work

Larch growth management

Larch pruning
(kinda goes hand in hand with Larch growth management)

Larch second pruning
(I live in SC. I’m going to experiment with skipping this pruning due to my hot and humid environment. This will give the tree the transpiration capabilities that it needs.)

Larch third pruning


Thanks for doing this.
I knew I had seen more of a sequence than was coming up on my search.

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Thank you for giving this overview!

How does the Larch Design Stream fit into this?

Looks like it’s spring work.

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I recall seeing but have been unable to locate a video of Ryan working on a small upright larch. He wired the upward growing branches down close to the trunk. I have not found it in this very useful loop posted by Bonsai_Bentley.

I would like to review the video before I tackle a similar project. Can anyone assist with a link or location? - Thanks