Post Stream Discussion - Deciduous Pruning

Hey everyone!

What did we all learn, like, dislike, get challenged by, want to know more about, etc.?

In this live stream we revisited the Beech Forest and went through the process of pruning the first flush of growth (since it was back in an energy positive). We covered how to make pruning decisions to maximize development or refinement. We also discussed the horticulture of transitioning energy, partial defoliation, and steps to promoting another flush.

I am including a few images of this composition for everyone to critique, comment on, or appreciate.


I kind of expected to see light through the centre of the beech forest after the pruning was completed. Perhaps that is not possible when creating a real beech forest. The deep woods.

Great discussion of how to develop deciduous bonsai. Very through and usable by bonsai growers. Looking forward supplementary larch approach.

Really coming along. I’m amazed at how fast this piece developed. A testament to your horticultural know how. I was half way over the Atlantic flying home from Italy when this streamed and quite upset that I had to miss it. My favourite 1 minute of the whole piece? The fishing analogy. That resonated with me and really justified the hours I spend watching and rewatching the archived streams. Just wanted to say thanks for giving me the tools I need to develop my technique.

my personal learning was the concept of always cut to the siluette instead of cutting prior to that. A lot of my trees seams to stuck because I tried to start the secondary and tertiary with a cut. In addition to that I learned what it means to fertilize correctly and how status of the development is conected to it.
Each stream is awesome, helpful and a gift, thanks for that.

PS: in Europe (at least in Germany) we are sick of beech furniture. We had them for more than two decades now and switch back to oak or brighter wood like birch.

Here is a timelapse of the final stage of pruning the Beech forest, along with the results. Enjoy!


That’s super Tuesday cool.

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Awesome! Keep these time lapses coming!


We plan on it, @Alex! I just posted the Juniper Refinement update with timelapse here.

Josh, could we get a winter silhouette of the forest to see its progress sans leaves?

Thank you and and love your new streams

"Josh, could we get a winter silhouette of the forest to see its progress sans leaves?

Thank you and and love your new streams."
Yes please…

In the Forest of Mirai video, Ryan defoliates and cleans up the beech forest, and it does look pretty amazing in its current form.