Post Stream Discussion: Elongating Species Post-Flush

Hey everyone!

Wanted to get a sense of what we all thought about last night’s Elongating Species Post Flush stream.
What did we learn, want to know more about, like, dislike, etc?

In this stream, Ryan focused on the specifics of pruning a Colorado Blue Spruce, covered timing windows for this type of work, why we should prune vs. pinch, etc.

I’ve attached before and after images of the tree for you to enjoy/compare.

What I found the most valuable was learning that the pinching disease can be easily applied to a wide range of trees in development and that back budding is impaired by pinching a tree that .should be let out to pasture.
Ryan says pruning out long extensions at the tip is done after back buds are established. (Although I am not convinced that pruning does not contribute to back budding when combined with heavy fertilization and allowing foliage to grow out that increases the flow of sugar and starches from photosynthesis that creates the new buds. But that is another discussion see my recent eastern white pine thread experience.)
Also, what we consider refinement at one time, can be changed recognizing the more development is required.
Some of the weakness in some of my trees came from unnecessary pinching. Now I know.

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the quality of the camera was different to earlier streams, do you got a new one? I found the light a touch too dark, but it looks like Ryan worked in Sauna, so maybe this was the reason for dimming the lights. Couldn’t say I didn’t liked it but I light was better in earlier streams.
Others like that I found this stream was again so important, in fact I start to believe that I have got understand a nuance of the back budding item. Seams so easy but to stay calm and wait another year or even another month is still a disiplin.
best Balatus