Question about the larch second pruning video

Anyone know what killed some of the trees in the forest planting of English Larch in that stream? I was hoping someone in the chat was going to ask, but I don’t believe that anyone did. @sam?

If I remember right, it was just improper/lack of watering…that forest belongs to someone else, we were just taking care of it at the garden to bring it back to health (if it’s the piece I’m thinking of). Not totally sure though–I would ask about it at Q+A on Thursday at 3pm PDT to hear straight from Ryan :slight_smile:

I tried several time to run the video the later days, not functioning while the other videos on larch run. I tried with Safari on mac --> not working; however, working on chrome.

Hey Sonia, I’m sorry I’m just now seeing this! In the future if you’re having tech issues, you can tag me by typing @ + Sam or just email Always happy to help!

Sometimes Safari doesn’t play nice with our website–Google Chrome is our recommended browser.

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