Colorado Blue Spruce “Burnt” Needle Tips


Got this CBS and it’s doing well , and established buds after post flush, however there are some extensions of needles that have a burnt appearance on the tips. I water this every other day when soil is dry or more if 85 F plus outside , I’m in zone 6B in Pennsylvania. It’s in pure pumice , plastic and will be repotted next spring. I also did some scouring and saw some fine webs a while back and was also concerned about fungus or bugs, so I sprayed with biofungicide (bacillus anylookquefaciens) at first , then a few weeks later used a captain jacks dead bug . My intuition says I’m not watering enough., but it’s in full sun and I thought CBS like some dryness and can take the sun … thoughts?

Adding a few more

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Could it be you damaged the needles?

That’s not burn or fungus. Looks more like physical damage to me. The needles were damaged while they were still soft.

Odd blackening of single needles in bunches on a branch … Some of it looks like bug chews and some look like fungal dieback…
The third photo looks like mechanical damage to previous years needles before elongation of bud.
What is scouring?
Before the treatments… was the blackening static or was it slowly spreading?
After treatment, is the blackening static (not spreading)? The developing next year buds look healthy.
Youve done what you can for now. If you have it, treat with sulfer spray in late fall. Treat agin in spring before buds open with a antifungal… Palative actions… Watch for spread on new needles next spring.
Bonsai On!

It was kinda static as I suddenly noticed it on a few hardened off needles. Now it seems to be sort of slowly spreading still after treatment on other growth , but stopped on the ones I treated …it is healthy despite this … growth that it was not on elongated growth before. So it leads me to believe either fungal or me trying to figure out when it needs water. Initially needles died back in underside of other sets of buds, but I don’t have that picture taken. It’s just confusing… buds are healthy and it back budded nicely and will be set up for next spring I’m going to repot it.

Any more insight ? I don’t have sulfur spray but I do have copper and other natural fungicides. I don’t have mazoceb but I’d consider treating w that in fall or sulfur spray w right dilution. But it’s not physical damage still don’t know what it is, I have been watering daily when needed… but still would like to know if anyone else has seen this or if Mirai would know