Collections to see in China

Hi, I’m not sure if this question is appropriate here? I will be traveling in China and wondering if anyone can recommend Bonsai/penjing collections to visit in Beijing, Fuzhou, and Quanzhou.

Thank you!


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@ryan_whyte , interesting you should ask this. I was just in China in November, and I made seeking out bonsai a top priority. Unfortunately, I discovered an extensive and impressive collection in Hangzhou, which is rather far from where you will be. But, keep that in mind if you’re ever there. However, in Bejing I figured there must be bonsai. I did go to the Bejing Botantical Gardens, and they do have a bonsai area on the grounds, but almost all of the trees were put away in storage (I assume for the winter). Maybe you will have better luck, as they do have an area specifically for bonsai. Side note, there is a really nice walk in the Botanical Gardens back into the foothills of the mountains, where you see many Dawn Redwoods planted from the “discovered” grove of thought-to-be extinct Dawn Redwoods in China. Nice walk through the woods, and of course you are on camera at all times, even in the woods, as you are everywhere in China. Good luck on your search.


@mm1313 I just wanted to say thanks greatly for this recommendation! I will definitely check out the Beijing Botanical Gardens. It will be summer so hopefully the bonsai will be out! Again, thanks!

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