Collected sweet plum evolution

Hi folks! I figured y’all might be interested in a running log of my work with a collected sweet plum (Sageretia theezans). I’m always open to design and work suggestions, so if you’ve got thoughts, please let me know!

Acquired 4/2/2020

The folks at Underhill Bonsai in Folsom, LA dug this for me about a month ago. It was a replacement for a pomegranate yamadori I’d been angling but hadn’t got ahold of. I love elegant flowering/fruiting deciduous and weird, otherworldly anything, so this was a perfect piece of material for me!

Check out those legs!

I agreed to buy based on photos (i.e. I hadn’t seen the thing until pickup). I knew what it looked like; I did not know how large it was.

(In absence of the traditional soda can, please accept this smallish bonsai artist head for scale.)

I have no idea what I’m going to do with this tree. Right now, I’m happy to let it recover from the dig.