Collected crepe myrtle evolution

Noooo. :frowning: But it SHOULD bounce back quickly. Mine had a spider mite issue right before the big work, and once that cleared up, it rebounded with huge vigor. Crape myrtles should bounce back unless you hit them with a lawnmower.

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My crape myrtle in the front yard is also recovering and behaving like yours. The one destined to become a bonsai and still in the nursery container is slowly coming along. It wasn’t healthy from the get-go though.

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Spring Repotting February/March 2020

Spring came in like a lamb; almost all my trees, including and especially this crape myrtle, began budding at the end of February.

I took it back to Underhill Bonsai in Folsom, LA for repotting and styling. It came out of its old plastic container with great-looking root development and some very cool sub-surface nebari.

We repotted it into a Byron Myrick oval (with a significant angle change and a lot more exposed nebari!), then took it to the Hilltop Arboretum in Baton Rouge, LA for a photo shoot.

A month later, it’s exploded into green in the sunniest part of my yard.


Great work. It’s amazing what a year can do. I’m a fan of the pot choice, the sub nabari find, the angle change. On its way to a very nice tree.

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Thanks for the kind words! You’ve made my day. :slight_smile: